45 Symbols Exhibit

FORTY FIVE SYMBOLS is a collaborative exploration of visual language that unites students, teachers, scholars, and ideas from 6 cities across 4 continents. All participating academic partners come from design or art schools and share the thrive to teach visual literacy, which is based on the idea that pictures, in the broadest sense, can be read and communicate meaning through the process of reading. These signs all come together in an exhibition at Kunststation Sankt Peter in Cologne, Germany.

Black Matter unites Rorschach tests, MRI brain scans, and design in order to prove that the schism between these subjects is a lot smaller than it may seem. The purpose of this project is to present an alternative approach to mental disorders, and depict the inherent beauty these disorders possess in the midst of chaos. We are confronted with the physicality of these disorders, and made to understand that it is shared amongst a community, and not just an individual phenomena.